Vector Racer

create a track

This is a short guide on how to make your own Vector Racer track.

To create your own track you need to make a track mask image. So what is a mask image? A mask image is a plain image with a specific set of colors. Each color represents a type of surface on the track (road, gravel, curb, etc., as described in the 'how to play' section). All 10 surface types in Vector Racer are listed below with their rgb (red, green, blue) and hex values.

type color rgb hex
start point
  0 255 255 00ffff
255 255 255 ffffff
127 127 127 7f7f7f
255 255   0 ffff00
  0   0 255 0000ff
checkpoint 1
  0 255   0 00ff00
checkpoint 2
255   0   0 ff0000
checkpoint 3
255   0 255 ff00ff
checkpoint 4
255 127   0 ff7f00
  0   0   0 000000

Use these colors to create the mask image, which could look something like this example:

example mask image

Play this track by saving the image and importing it into the game (select 'import track' at the track selection), or you can play it directly here.

You can make your own mask image in an image editor of your choice. Start from scratch or use the example image as a starting point. Here are some things to keep in mind:

When you've created a track you can play it by importing the mask image into the game. Go to the track selection and click 'import track'. Browse for the mask image, select it and hit 'load'. The game will now analyze the mask image, check for any problems, and create a nice-looking track to play on. When loading is finished hit 'play' and enjoy! :-)

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